A 'former' leader of the environmental movement suggests that we should consider nuclear energy instead of our coal plant:

There were legitimate reasons to worry about nuclear power, but now that we know about the threat of climate change, we have to put the risks in perspective,” he says. Sure, nuclear waste is a problem, but the great thing about it is you know where it is and you can guard it. The bad thing about coal waste is that you don’t know where it is and you don’t know what it’s doing. The carbon dioxide is in everybody’s atmosphere.

Fuel for debate?

By way of Instapundit.


WolfPack said...

If they were wrong about nuclear energy and global cooling in the 70's why should we trust them on coal and the greenhouse effect 30 years later? It's been the greenies standing in the way of nuclear and hydro power for decades. So who's to blame for the increased reliance on coal?

stevemac said...

Here here, but I have a real hard time imagining the State of Montana and the PSC regulating a nuclear power plant. Can you picture the city of Great Falls a 25% owner in a nuclear power plant. I am in favor of nuclear power, but the Montana isn't ready.

Anonymous said...

I'm with stevemac. Go nuclear, not coal. And stevemac... see you at work tomorrow.