Overheard at the gym today...

First Guy (smiling): I just want the coal plant to be run by the same guy who is running the water park.

Second Guy (not smiling): It will be.


Anonymous said...

Overheard in the courthouse today: (JP)Judge Jensen has appointed Sam Harris as a subsitute JP and he will be substituting on Friday. A huge lapse in judgment, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Our City Commissioners do not know how to run a Coal Plant - they are relying on John Lawton. John Lawton does not need to know he is relying on Tim Gregori. Tim does not need to know because he is relying on East Kentucky Power (per the city web site) And the Chairman of ECP non- profit already admitted that he knows nothing about electric markets.
Not sure who might be Chair because they failed to have an election at the Jan. board meeting. They just skipped the Feb. meeting.