Several have recently offered me financial support.

I appreciate it, I really do.

But for now, anyway, I'm fine. I appreciate the support, but I've got 'er covered.

UPDATE: I think from some of the comments and emails that I have received I should clarify. Several people have offered me money to assist in my ongoing efforts to obtain public information from the City of Great Falls. I appreciate the support. Rather than cash, though, I think I would appreciate it more if you simply bow your head as they march my head past on a spike.

(That was a joke.)

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: (Which makes me think: If I always have to add (That was a joke.) to my jokes, they must not be all that funny!)


WolfPack said...

Yes, take my word for it. If you accept any money you possibly become subject to regulation.

david said...

Whoa - what did I miss? Why are people offering $$?

Anonymous said...

His charm and good looks. Oh, and that whole takin' on the City thing.

free thought said...

I will gladly take any money people are giving away. Preferably in cash.

Wulfgar said...

Gee Guy, I'm out of the loop, Bud. 'Things okay wit you? If not, drop us all a line and be amazed at the response.

And wolfpack, no he doesn't. If you don't trust me on this matter, then ask David. He'll tell you the same. Donations to bloggers are completely unregulated ... for now.

WolfPack said...

OK, if donations to bloggers are not trouble, I'll donate to any of you I see in public a cold 16oz of wisdom. Except David of course, he quit accepting wisdom long ago.

free thought said...

Mmm, 16 oz wisdom.