Who's on First?

Like an alley cat in heat I have been cruisin' some of the other blogs. Here is a classic posted by lu_ma_ke' on the Trib forum. (Don't you hate it when you come up with a cool nickname like lumake and someone already has it so you have to go with' lu_ma_ke' instead?)

It's time once again for SOFTBALL with the Great Falls Tribune! Today's guest is City Manager John Lawton answering questions about the Highwood Coal plant. So, let's play SOFTBALL!

Tribune: Are you surprised at all the opposition to the plant?
Lawton: What opposition?

Tribune: Do you think city employees have the expertise to run Highwood Generating Station?
Lawton: Of course! Just look at the great job we did with the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial. And don't forget how well we handled golf courses, swimming pools, fireworks, pet licensing, the waverider. I could go on.

Tribune: Are there any other cities running coal plants?
Lawton: Yeah, a bunch. You can smell them.

Tribune: Could the cost of capturing carbon dioxide make the project unworkable?
Lawton: Nice weather we're having.

Tribune: Is the city's three-minute comment limit meant to muzzle opponents of the coal plant?
Lawton: Don't be ridiculous! We use the three-minute limit to muzzle people on all kinds of subjects.

If the plant is not built, will the city be repaid for the 2 million dollars it spent for plant preparation?
Lawton: Sure! It'll come from the revenue bonds sold to finance the city's portion of the project.

Tribune: Does the city have a guarantee of revenue bond financing?
Lawton: Uh, no.

Thank you. Join us again for another installment of SOFTBALL!
Lumake...er...lu_ma_ke' is quite clever, huh?


GeeGuy said...

Oh, but Hawkeye. You missed this tidbit from "Gadfly," who obviously doesn't care for coal plant opponents:

"These elitist opponents all congregate at their high-brow parties, sipping on merlot and nibbling on brie while they chortle about what the common people might be doing that night."

Of course, if "Gadfly" were called on it, he or she would say it was a joke. (For the record, I don't drink wine, and I've never nibbled on brie.)

The commenters at the Tribune forum seem so bitter. Maybe it is the pressure of trying to be one of the lucky ones that the Tribune prints in the paper!

WolfPack said...


I'll be working the Wine and Food this weekend. If you show up I'll find you some brie to go with your coal plant whine;).

free thought said...

I oppose the coal plant (at least as a government funded venture), and I like wine. Where do I find the high-brow parties?

Anonymous said...

Everyone always metions the Lewis and Clark festival, the golf courses and the swimming pools. What about the Rice Building debacle?

GeeGuy said...

Can you expand on the "Rice Building debacle," or do I need to do it?

Anonymous said...


I'm against the coal plant. I like Reisling wine, Cuban cigars and opera. I second 'free thought'... where does Great Falls hide the high brow get togethers?

a-fire-fly said...

I think someone should explore the "Rice Building debacle".