Wulfgar is what I would call a left-wing, small "L", libertarian. I posted a comment on his site recently questioning his refusal to consider Al Gore a hypocrite.

He took the time to make a very thoughtful, measured response to me. I've read it three times and I disagree with some points. I agree with some points. I owe him a thoughtful, measured response in return.

Since I am tired, and since I am taking my kids skiing tomorrow, rather than expend the intellectual effort to dream up such a response, I am going to take the easy way out for now: I am going to engage in cheap, shameless flattery and hope it buys me a pass from Wulfgar.

I hope that he won't be embarrassed to know that I consider him my blog-mentor, no easy task considering that I used to consider him my blog-(tor)mentor. For a while it seemed I couldn't post a letter without vehement opposition from Wulfgar in my comments.

Over time, though, I learned to overlook being called an "asshat" and an idiot. And while I usually disagree with him, and while I am not often smart enough to follow his 'logic' (that's a joke) everyone who reads could learn from the precision with which he writes. I am an attorney; words mean things in my world. His ability to intuit the meaning and connotation of every...single...word is unmatched. Anywhere.

So, Wulfgar, I hope that you will give me a couple days to respond. I owe you one. And I still consider you one of the better people I know but have never met.


mtliberty said...

This is the best article I've seen on the issue. May be helpful.


Hallie said...

May Wulfgar give the same (or greater) degree of analysis and scrutiny to the RW Beck feasibility study for the power plant.

Not to insult you, GeeGuy, but analyzing that is more important than analyzing your blog posts.