In a post below, I note that I can tell where a particular comment came from. I do not want to discourage people from commenting by leaving the impression I can track comings and goings so I offer this brief explanation.

I use a very simplistic metering tool called Site Meter. It provides me partial IP addresses for those who visit the site. In 99% of the cases, I can determine your ISP, Qwest, Bresnan, etc.

Some larger entities, though, have static IP addresses. In those cases I am actually provided with a name. Off the top of my head, I get names for the following IPs: Great Falls Tribune, Benefis, State of Montana, U.S. Senate, and one local law firm. That's it.

So the rest of you, post away. I have no idea who you are.


Rooster said...

“So the rest of you, post away”

How can you expect us to post comments at a time like this..?

Sanjaya was just voted off America’s Idol!

(I may never recover).

Anonymous said...

Rooster: Its called American Idol, and thank goodness he was finally voted off, I don't think I could survive watching him one more time. Now if they can do something about that other guy who sings through his nose on purpose we'll be in good shape!