The Grind, Pt. 2

There's a good comment to an earlier post about the City's refusal to hand over public documents.

At the end, the poster asks the following question: "Question: why is the Tribune, the self-annointed champion of the public's right to know, standing idly by while the City blatantly thumbs its nose at the public and its sacred constitutional right to know ? Could it have something to do with the politically incestuous relationship between the City and Tribune, or alternatively, is it simply that the superficial USA Today/Tribune no longer has the backbone, sophistication, and know-how to act in the finest tradition of journalism in this country?"

I will suggest a third possibility. The Tribune, in an effort to protect its own advertising revenue, has made a policy decision to conspicuously avoid any reference to non-Tribune blogs and, by doing so, has foreclosed its ability to cover an important part of the story.

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free thought said...

The Trib is not ignoring the story because it is a blog subject. It has never minded ignoring a blog source (or at least not giving credit to it) in the past when it wanted to follow a story. This is a case of it choosing not to fulfil its obligation to the public.