GeeGuy: Turns out that someone else is going to have to carry the slack for a few days. I will be absent for the next 7-10 days for personal and professional reasons.

Sue: “I don't think anyone can take up your slack - at least not just the 2 or 3 usual suspects. (no offense intended)”

OK... no offense taken although I might have to start reciting my daily affirmations again. ("I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.") Fortunately, GeeGuy will be resuming his regular duties soon. He has been getting off attending the International Society of Masterbloggers – 'Hands On' Course this past week.

GeeGuy asked me to help cover the blog during his absence. I have to admit I am beginning to feel a little like comedian David Brenner. He was a frequent guest host of The Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was on vacation. It was always disappointing to viewers when Brenner was there and Johnny was not. Should I stay up and watch or just hit the sack early? Choices were limited then as there were only three TV stations and there wasn't much else on at that time of night.

You certainly have many more options today to stay entertained (although blogging is very satisfying particularly if done covertly when someone is paying you to do something else). I am certain that GeeGuy appreciates your visits to his site.

GeeGuy has done a superb job with the blog and I have enjoyed being an occasional contributor. I thought that the very least I could do in his absence is to try to expand his viewership. Soooo, if you have a friend or two that may be interested in this web log please forward the address below. Posting constructive comments like, “GeeGuy you are so great and the other suspects are such posers” makes it even more entertaining and are very welcome. It is easy to post and you are truly anonymous. Although, remember that this is a very small town and “Sue” I know EXACTLY who you are and I owe you one.



Anonymous said...


I know you have a tough job - I mean there are those who probably don't even know who David Brenner is (present company excluded of course). Being the “stand-in” Guy instead of THE GeeGuy has got to be a challenge.

I really do appreciate your efforts. It's just that GeeGuy is a veritable blogging machine! I often wonder how he and his prolific staff of writers do it. Blogs at all hours of the day and night - on a vast array of subjects. It really is quite impressive.

As for the “small town” ... “know EXACTLY who you are” reference, alas, I don’t think so. I grew up in Great Falls, and am currently posting on this blog from Wisconsin. So, I don’t know who the Great Falls Bloggers are, and you most likely don’t know me. However, I have taken the liberty of tagging each one of you with the persona of someone I went to High School with, so I feel like I know all of you. How fun is that!! I have a very active imagination.

I hope you’re being paid well.


Hawkeye said...

Nice try "Sue" but I still owe you one. :)

Anonymous said...

For the record I think you're much funnier than David Brenner!