Image is Everything

Is Great Falls pro-business? Consider this piece from today's Tribune.

The story discusses a recent rumor that Lowe's is looking to purchase Dick's Trailer Park to build a giant home improvement store. Apparently an owner of Dick's Trailer Park denied the rumor.

The reporter went the extra mile and contacted the City Planning Staff, who indicated that no permits have been sought. The reporter quoted the planner as follows: "A retail store at the Dick's RV Park site would have access to the Interstate 15 spur connecting with 10th Avenue South via 14th Street Southwest, Walters said. But such a development would probably be denied a handier access onto 10th Avenue South or Sixth Street Southwest because it would be too close to that major intersection, he said." [Emphasis mine]

So, let me get this straight. No one has even asked for permission to do anything on the site, yet our public proclamation is that it "would probably be denied." How about "yes?"

How about "well, we don't have any applications yet, but the City of Great Falls will do everything in its power to accommodate this new development"? How about "I am sure we would all like a Lowe's and you can bet I, personally, will do whatever I can to make it work"?

No, the first response is a shrug...probably not.

What does this tell you about the 'pro-business' attitude of City Government?

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