Immigration Gumballs

Whatta y'all think?

Scary, huh?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed it - but I don't think he said anything about the "illegal" immigrants and the additional negative impact they are having on our nation – he was just extrapolating the million legal immigrants that go through our system annually.

It’s a tough question, especially for our “I have everything I could possibly need” society. How do you say “stay home and deal with it” to people who want a better life and are willing to work for it when we have so much? (It's a lot easier when you start noticing that your tender heart is causing the erosion of our own government’s infrastructure).

I LOVED his gumball analogy. We really need to ask ourselves if our “benevolence” is worth the destruction of our own infrastructure. Wouldn’t everyone be better off if we just invested our “benevolence” dollars in programs that help to build other countries infrastructures thereby helping many, rather than saving a few by bringing them to the US and putting undue pressure on our system?

I have a brother-in-law living in Santa Barbara CA. He recently went to a PTO meeting where the only English spoken was “welcome” and “thanks for coming”. The entire meeting for the public school his daughter goes to was in Spanish. That’s the other thing that is way out of whack – when he (the orator) talks about having to build one school per day – I would sure like to know how many of them are English speaking.

Scary is right. I'm not very tender hearted today.