More Don Imus

There was a recent article about a rap concert in South Carolina where the author pointed out that the performers used language similar to that which caused the firing of Don Imus. Expectedly, the students drew a fine distinction:

Student Justin Miller says, "There's always a time and place for everything. With hip hop music that's a certain situation where those remarks can be used, but on public radio station pointed to a particular group it's not proper."

Where does it say that in the First Amendment?


GiftShoppeGuy said...

As it stands now, I don't feel they have much of a right to complain about folks like Imus. This presumed language was "invented" by the black community, and until they get around to not oppressing themselves with it, there isn't going to be much that anyone else can do for them.

Sure, they can whine and cry and carry on all day long, but they are the ones that made this bed, so I don't see as to where they should be complaining because they've got to lay in it.

The fault for such language lays squarely on the black community.

Our black community has fought long and hard for many years to "overcome"... and it's a cryin' shame to see them throwing every good opportunity for advancement out the window by employing the use of such harmful language.

Allan said...

I blame Don Ho.