Pantywaisted Posturing

I don't agree with Rep. Mike Lange's outburst at Governor Schweitzer. It is clearly borne of frustration, and I think a resort to anger often smacks of weakness. Surely one can persuade more effectively. And, as Motto points out, it is probably bad politics in the short term.

But I don't want to write about that. I want to write about all the phony prissiness exhibited by those on the other side of the aisle. First, we have Democratic Rep. Bill Wilson. Rep. Wilson called Lange's remarks "a very low point in the history of the body," and added that "nothing was ever said that was as vile and as insulting" as Lange's statement.

Now I know Rep. Wilson, and I think he's a good guy. With all due respect, though, give me a break. The Montana House of Representatives has a long and colorful history that I think involved fistfights and duels. Further, Rep. Wilson worked on the railroad. You're telling me that he is offended...offended...at the words "ass" and "SOB?" I don't buy it.

Then we have all the tsk tsk tsk'ing from the left side of the web. (Try here, here or here.) I like Moorcat's comment that Lange's "invective ruins any message he might have had." Wow, does this mean we have to disregard Wulfgar?


I'll say it again. What Lange did was stupid. But come on, folks, we're not little girls here. Or are we?

Last but not least, we have our own Tribune Editorial Board. Oh my gosh. Lange said "ass" in a "public setting." It was even in the presence of "teenage pages!" In fact, the language was so bad, the outburst was so intemperate, so worthy of protecting our virgin eyes, that the Editorial Board repeated what he said again in the paper.

"My god, some innocent youth might see this. We better make sure it appears in the news story and the editorial."

One more thing. The "public setting" where we had "teenage pages" present? Just who do you think sued to open these meetings up to the public? The very same press that is now cluck cluck clucking about this hooooorible outburst.


david said...

I recall an edition of the "Hot Ticket" Tribune monthly supplement a few months ago that had an article - targeted at adults - about dating which included some rather lewd commentary and descriptive terms -- and it ran right next to some sort of advice column for teens. It really seemed inappropriate, and given the Trib's stance here, quite hypocritical.

big sky husker said...

If Governor 60 Minutes ever comes to sudden stop... the editorial staff of the Trib is going to walk out his mouth.

Scott said...

"we're not little girls here. Or are we?"

We are adults who expect a certain degree of adult behavior from our representatives. Well, most of us.

Or have we reached the point where there are no longer expectations of professionalism from our elected officials? If a Dem went off like this, I would be ashamed of the behavior.

And the "little girls" BS might upset you...but has little effect on those of us who have moved beyond playground name calling.

Shane C. Mason said...

If I used the sort of language at my work place I would be fired on the spot. Rightly so. If not for the language, I should be fired for being a pissant crybaby that made my company and my peers look like a bunch of idiots.

I would like to think that we could expect a bit of maturity from the leaders in Helena.

david said...

big sky husker: "If Governor 60 Minutes ever comes to sudden stop... the editorial staff of the Trib is going to walk out his mouth."

Heh...I've heard phrased like this: "If _______ ever stops short, then ______ will wind up in his colon."

Anonymous said...

I already posted this at the Trib blog, but since E-City Blog is where the Trib seems to get information I am posting it here because, well, this is the place to hold sensible discussions...

1) It appears that FISCAL CONSERVATIVE Lange believes and acts in a manner requisite to the democratic principle of FAIRNESS.

2) He seems to believe that Sweet Ol' Brian, does not have the best interest of working class-non government grant-receiving-tax paying-Montanans at heart.

3) The articles seems to strongly suggest Mr. Lange might have a right to be extremely (as GeeGuy noted) frustrated as he works hard making sure Sweet Ol' Brian is held ACCOUNTABLE for partisan political actions going on behind closed doors and away from public scrutiny.

4) Hurray to Mr. Lange for holding the bright torch of liberty at this years legislative tea party!

5) BRAVO to all FISCAL CONSERVATIVES for putting principles before paychecks!

6) Dump Sweet Ol' Brian's tax and spend bills into the Gulch and STAY TIL MAY in order to KEEP Sweet Ol' Brian's hands out of taxpayer pockets!

Anonymous said...

The most troubling thing about this whole Lange outburst situation is that our dishonorable governor once again gets a complete pass. I believe Lange was led to believe in no uncertain terms that concessions and compromise from the governor's office would be forthcoming, but a much different position was presented when he got to the meeting. Consider two people involved in a legal dispute who agree to negotiate in good faith to compromise their differences and attend a mediation or settlement conference to resolve the dispute. Then when one of the parties gets to the settlement conference he is told the other side's offer or demand is a "take it or leave it" offer, non-negotiable. Schweitzer had the right to renege on whatever commitments or promises had been conveyed earlier, and he had the right to do it at the most inopportune time when it would likely do the most harm to the GOP leadership and Lange. But if any of you Schweitzer sheep out there think the governor's actions were about doing what is right and good for the state, as opposed to furthering political gain, you're just being gullible. Sure, both political parties make decisions and adopt strategy to maintain and foster political support for political reasons. Unfortunately, the party on the right routinely seems to get called to the carpet on it while in the dinasaur media while the party on the left and its pontificating show horse governor gets a pass. I'll take Lange's brass ones over the mamby-pamby pantywaisted Schweitzer sheep any day.

Shane C. Mason said...

The most troubling thing about this whole Lange outburst situation is that our dishonorable governor once again gets a complete pass.

This comment and this post is EXACTLY why Montana republicans are finding themselves getting left in the shadows. They'll be lucky if there is a single Republican left at the state level (bye bye Brad) and both the state senate and house will surely tilt heavily democratic after the next election. Refusal to hold your elected official responsible when they act like horses behinds. Not just this incident, but this whole session has been a series of gaffs, yet they are cheered along.

I would not care, but it hurts the whole state. Call me a pantywaste again if you will, but it is your party that is surely driving itself into the ground. Have fun with that.

Anonymous said...

Ah... Shane, there's a one billion dollar surplus. That's one grand for every person living in Montana. And Governor 60 Minutes wants to give us $400, one time... and call that a deal. I'm overwhelmed. Perhaps Governor 60 Minutes could compromise a little with the folks on the other side. And how exactly are GOPers finding themselves on the sidelines? Governor 60 Minutes is going to compromise, or his bill is going up his ass. If you or any other Democrat, have a problem with that, big deal. You're going to do some horse trading on the budget... one way or the other.

Shane C. Mason said...

Anonymous, you are on the sideline because the voters of Montana have put you there. You think that a tirade like this is going to get you off the sidelines?

Perhaps Governor 60 Minutes could compromise a little with the folks on the other side.

Uhm, I think that the people of Montana understand that this tirade started over the governor attempting a compromise.

Governor 60 Minutes is going to compromise, or his bill is going up his ass. If you or any other Democrat, have a problem with that, big deal.

Again, the people of Montana have seen that it is in fact the Republicans who have failed to compromise.

Anonymous said...

Sittin' on the sidelines...

"Compromise is what you say when you lose...." Frank Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond

It appears the fiscally responsible minority is withstanding wretched cries from Sweet Ol' Brian's Majority for the short run, though the fiscal conservatives are obviously being forced into accepting Sweet Ol' Brian's direction for the long run.

As a matter of principle, the taxpayer surplus should go back to the taxpayers. There must be some limit to the majority's ability to inflate current demands on the backs of taxpayers. A delicate balance between the rights of taxpayers and outrageous, disproportionate government programs must be critically evaluated.

Why won't Sweet Ol' Brian & his Majority work for an effective solution to lift excessive tax burdens off the backs of hard working Montanans?

Montana Families will be better off with a 300 million dollar rebate than being bankrupted through slow, insidious subjugation by taxation!

Based on what is best for the taxpayer, fiscal conservatives choosing to "STAY 'TIL MAY" seems a brilliant opportunity to identify, then cut the wasteful spending programs by the Sweet Ol' Bureaucracy.

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