For the Wah-Waah set...

Great Falls has an inferiority complex. Not all of us, but there is definitely a contingent in this community who spend too much time whining and complaining.

So the next time you see someone kicking a can down the street bitching about the fact that "we're not Missoula," or "Bozeman has everything," remember this post.

I decided to spend a little time driving around our fine community to see just how bad we have it. You know what? The whiners are right. We're not Missoula. But an hour or two looking around this town makes me wonder just what it will take to shut up our negative neighbors.
First, we hear about the housing boom in Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell, you name it. Now it's true that we don't have anybody developing projects of 600 (tract) homes, but we do have some new neighborhoods in this town. First, there's this new one by Marketplace.

Then there's the new one going up out on the river:

We have this neighborhood up on the top of the hill:

This new neighborhood in Fox Farm:

There's a new neighborhood east of town:

Another new new development on the east end:

How about this new one tucked up by the speedway?

Ok, sure. There are some new houses being built. But how 'bout commercial? Is there any business activity in this town?

Well, we have AvMax.

Get used to seeing regional jets from all over the country up at our airport:

Of course there's Centene:

The new Sletten Cancer Center:

The new Clinic Building:

And the new tower at Benefis.

Retail? Well, there's Starbucks:

There's Ashley Furniture:

Ross Dress for Less has been a very popular addition to the Holiday Village Mall:

As has the new Scheels store:

And I'm sure the new Bed, Bath and Beyond will attract plenty of customers too.

A new building for Central Plumbing and Heating is going up out by Giant Springs:

And another new bank branch over on the west side:

There's the new professional building down on the river:

And don't forget the new Vet Clinic:

Not one, but two new Walgreens stores:

And the new Twilite Mall over on the west side:

An addition to the College of Technology:

And a new Catholic high school:

Don't forget the new Hilton Hotel being built over by Marketplace. And right next door will be the new Chili's and Macaroni Grill:

And you know, here in Great Falls, the mountains are a little farther away, but you sure know why they call it Big Sky Country, don't you?

We have a new soccer park:

I think the beauty of this town gets a bad rap:

The water skiing here is better than Bozeman and Missoula. Oh, wait. They don't have water skiing in Bozeman in Missoula.

Nope, we don't live in Missoula. But dying? Stagnant? I don't buy it. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Drive around this town. You'll see new houses, new condos, new apartment buildings in all kinds of places you haven't seen them before. New stores, little businesses, remodeled buildings.
We may not be booming like some, but stop hanging your damn heads. This place is doing great.


GiftShoppeGuy said...

It's sort of ironic, that I left Missoula for just such a place as Great Falls, Montana... If folks think that Missoula has got it goin' on... I've got news for them... Sometimes it's "not" greener on the other side of the hill.

ZenPanda said...

(I thought the new building by Giant Springs was for Central Plumbing & Heating??)

david said...

YES! Greg, I am so glad that you posted this!

And yes, that new building is for Central Plumbing, but is being financed by the bank referenced on the sign.

Montana Headlines said...

Billings has some of the same "Missoula and Bozeman have all the cool stuff" people. (Or state X or big city Y "have it going on.")

While having a desire to improve one's community is a good thing, people who have the annoying habit of thinking that they will seem more hip by trashing their own town or state are quite simply neurotic and in need of therapy.

Inferiority complex indeed -- emphasis on the "complex."

free thought said...

Nice work. Just don't over do it. We wouldn't want to attract too many Californians.

Anonymous said...

hahah, really?? what about all the smoke shops and casinos??? or how about a picture of applebees on there?? that's sure to attract more visitors!