Is Pres. Bush right?

This guy thinks so:

Few today are receptive to the idea of a “war on terror.” From a war-weary public, to a political commentariat impatient with such supposedly simple-minded slogans, the country seems determined to move beyond the notion that the fighting underway in Iraq is in any significant way connected to the global terrorist threat to national security. So it is to President Bush’s credit that he used his commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy this week to reacquaint a disaffected nation with a stubborn fact: Iraq remains the central theater in the fight against al-Qaeda and its jihadist brethren.

* * *

Moreover, and contrary to the popular refrain that Iraq is a “distraction” from the true fight against terrorism, al-Qaeda has in recent years suffered serious defeats. Consider that of the operatives that bin Laden hoped to involve in his plot to attack the United States, al-Libi was captured and is now out of commission in much-maligned Guantanamo Bay; al-Rabia was killed in 2005 in Pakistan; and al-Zarqawi met his unlamented end in a June 2006 strike by the U.S. military in Diyala province. For a distraction from al-Qaeda, Iraq is proving to be remarkably on-target.


Anonymous said...

Quoting Sowell - "hard to find a principle behind what angers the left"

We are constantly bombarded in the social-psycho-secular world that "Anger is a choice."

In the religious world "Righteous anger is an attribute of Deity."

If anger is a choice and one continues to choose anger over rational thinking and discussion then one will probably become abusive....unless one is righteous in anger.

It might be argued that some set themselves equal to deity when it comes to righteous anger.

Quoting Gary C. Lawrence (emphasis added):

1) "Help destroy the myth that “politics are dirty.” The fact is: Politics are essential."

2) "Scrutinize every slogan. The more clever the phrase, the greater our responsibility to verify its accuracy."

Anonymous said...

Sorry.. correction...

D. James Cannon stated "help destroy the myth that 'politics are dirty..."