I've got the Willies...

I learned today that an Electric City Power board member, Dawn Willey, is the facilities manager for Benefis Healthcare. Benefis is a customer of Electric City Power.

Where are we coming up with those rates again...?


Anonymous said...

It appears that former HD22 Candidate "Electric City Power players: Mary Jolley" (as labled by the Trib), was right on many levels about this power plant.

City's foray into forming utility Generates buzz By RICHARD ECKE Tribune Staff Writer/Originally published March 19, 2007

"Mary Jolley, a semi-retired financial planner, objects to the way the city changed Electric City Power's structure in November. She wanted to see a public vote before the city spent money to participate in the Highwood project."

Electric City Power players: Mary Jolley

"She thinks the city should have held a public vote before it first spent money on its energy efforts, an expenditure of $23,376 approved by the City Commission in November 2003.

Or, she said, the city should have held a public vote before it borrowed $1.5 million from First Interstate Bank toward its share of planning the proposed coal-fired power plant.

....Jolley said a staffer from the Edison Institute told her that cities always hold a public vote before launching a public power business. Great Falls officials responded that some cities do hold a vote if they're creating a new district where they would sell power. But they said other cities simply use their authority to provide utility services without scheduling a vote."

GeeGuy said...

Oh come on, didn't you hear our City Manager?

"What would be the mechanism for voting on it?"

Anonymous said...


(more belly laughing with a tear streaming down my eye....)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, do I smell a "conflict of interest here"?

Anonymous said...

Smells like Mo' Money to me.

Oh, with a side of no risk included.