Kramer Clipped


WolfPack said...

Some how a griz fan has got to be behind this. Aaugh!!!

Hawkeye said...

Bit of truth to that, I am a Griz fan but usually support the Cats when they are not playing the Griz. I loved it when the Cats beat Colorado and yet also strangely enjoyed Woodhouse and Company destroying the Cats in Bozeman after taking a 10 hour road trip from Chadron State the day before.

Kramer was fairly gracious both in his big victory at CU and more often in defeat. I have a sense that the players really respect him as a coach and despite his won-loss record he had some significant and growing booster support .

Most coaches will have trouble keeping their job with a 50% record but I think he got a raw deal here recently. If they were going to fire him for recruiting mistakes that backfired they should have done it at the end of the season AND fired the athletic director as well.

Anonymous said...

Another Griz fan here who is uncomfortable with how the MSU AD handled this.

At the end of last season Kramer stayed on despite known drug-related issues with one former assistant coach and several former players. Then Gatewood, who apparently last played for Kramer in the 2005 season, gets busted this spring and they choose to treat that as the final straw. Either they are penalizing Kramer for the conduct of one of his players AFTER leaving the program, or they are penalizing Kramer for bringing in the wrong kind of guy in the first place -- which was an issue they generally knew about at the end of 2006 yet still let him keep his job. Stated a little differently, they just had another episode last week of something they weren't willing to fire him over at the end of 2006.

I think I'd be a little uncomfortable defending this if it was just a run of the mill wrongful discharge case involving someone other than the head coach of a college athletic program.

WolfPack said...

I'm sure you guys are clean but I only had two options. 1) MSU is run by idiots. 2) A griz fan is to blame. Clearly I had to go with option 2 or hide my diploma and scrape the bumper stickers off.

Unless there is more to come out, how can you make decisions based on a player who left in 2005? The mistake of bringing Gatewood on the team was made back in 2003. Unless of course it is an option to drop current players for being not clean cut enough even though they have done nothing wrong yet. Good luck with that one in court.