A New Project

Lately I have alluded to a new project I have been working on. Tomorrow is the big day.

Regular readers will recall a series of posts and discussion about the future of media and news. In one post in particular, I wondered aloud about the possibility of a 'print blog.' That discussion continued offline with several of the local bloggers.

It culminates tomorrow. The first 'issue' of Electric City Weblog-Offline, will roll off the presses. Even though it is sort of my baby, it is really a collaborative effort. In fact, the first issue contains a piece from our friend David at GreaterFalls, as well as a blurb from Firefly. Ultimately, I would expect that you'll see some work from all of the local bloggers in it and, hopefully, from many other local writers as well.

That being said, this will be an experiment. A hobby. There might only be one issue. There might be three. There might be twenty. Let's just see what happens.

This is, as best as I can tell, a new idea. There's a fellow who will print your blog for a fee, but as far as I can tell, this is the first time a group of bloggers have ventured into the real world.

For those of you who are regular readers, can I ask a couple favors? First, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please email me at fallsblog@yahoo.com.

Please look for the print version. We will be setting it out at various restaurants and businesses around town. If you have a place for us to put it, please let me know.

I sold a few ads (mostly to myself!) but still went a couple hundred dollars out of pocket. If you want to support the project, please support the advertisers and tell them that is why you are patronizing their business. If you know anyone who might throw down a couple hundred bucks for an ad in a future issue, please let me know.

If you want to submit something for publication, please do. I will suggest, though, that the best way to get printed in this project is to start your own blog because encouraging new blogs is an important goal for us.

But most of all look for it. Read it. Give us some feedback.

I am excited about this. Mostly, though, I am curious. Please let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I have been troubled by the state budget being inflated by Schweitzer. The the liberal senate bill is even worse. Then with Schweizter manipulating conservative speech as though the senate is not to blame for quitting before solving the budget bills is outrageous.

Discussions on the real budget proposals seems prudent in light of this hostage situation.

Please post an address to send money to support the paper.

Thanks! Fabulous Idea!!!

marvin said...

When Brian Schweitzer makes a comment, he backs it up with his name. Nothing anonymous about the Governor.

Charles Noseworthy said...

I can't believe people... were gonna talk about that chooche on...
The Scumbucket tonight at 8:00pm


Disney Channel Smut mishaps. The Dean who could not spell. and a pair of 67million dollar pants...much more... listen in or call 1(718)664-6911

GeeGuy said...


david said...

At what point, precisely, did this entry become a lost cause? Heh...

Treasure State Jew said...

Apparently, May 3 at 2:51 p.m.

Anonymous said...

Here is fact, as noted in this WSJ commentary, because truly I am no one of consequence you would listen to anyway.

State Spending Spree By STEPHEN MOORE - March 22, 2007; Page A16

"Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer wants to hike spending by nearly 15% this year;"

It is my understanding:

1) Conservatives rejected Sweet Ol' Brian Schweitzer's budget.
2) Then Dem's created one of their own that was about 10% more than than the Governors.
3) As a means to hold government accountable for every penny spent, innovative conservatives accomplished breaking the budget down into 2 or 3 bills for greater oversight.

What a brilliant solution! It meant that legislators had a chance to really go through each bill, clearing out pork the non-electable-bureaucrats claim they need.

It is my understanding that fiscal conservatives passed a bill in good faith to get dialogue going but it was rejected by the Senate.

Then the Senate ajourned.

Cunningly crafty political strategy from the Democrat controlled Senate.

So what happens next?

1) I imagine the dems will hold out for their excessive orignal tax increases, maybe asking for more.

2) Then Sweet Ol' Brian and his ilk will continue triangulating Montanans against real fiscal conservatives getting the 15% increase budget he originally wanted.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they's some sneaky bastards, ain't they?

Shane C. Mason said...

Looks like you have your own Larry...