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Well, it's official. The offline blog was officially a moderate success. I have distributed almost all of the copies I had printed, online viewership is up, and the response has been pretty good.

We're going to do another one. Soon.

But I need some help. My primary need is ideas for distribution. If you would be willing to help distribute a few copies, or if you know of a place where I could put a few, please email me.

And, of course, there's the financial side. I roughly broke even on issue number one. I would like to roughly break even on issue number two. So, if you know someone who might like to buy a little ad, or if someone would like to show a little financial support, please email me.

Finally, too, I have a few copies left so if you want some copies of the first issue to pass around, please email me.

And we now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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david said...

WOOHOO! GeeGuy, thanks for taking the lead on this -- I am very glad that you included me in this venture, and look forward to the next issue!