She's happy to tell you what to do!

Perhaps "global warming activist," Laurie David, has a Masters Degree in Science. She certainly seems to think she knows the secrets of the universe.

"I have changed as many lightbulbs as I could to (higher efficiency) bulbs. I started a new idling rule at the school carpool lane (cars dropping and picking up kids can't idle their engines more than 30 seconds). I bring a garment bag to the dry cleaners (instead of having the dry cleaners wrap her clothes in petroleum-based plastic). I drive a hybrid."

Is her private jet a hybrid?

I'm starting to think that global warming is for the little people.

You know, the ones who can't afford carbon credits.

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Treasure State Jew said...

Let's see; "higher efficiency" bulbs contain internal ballasts. Like all ballasts, they contain internal nasties. And like all fluorescent bulbs, they contain mercury. Which is worse, a little bit of extra electricity or nasty ballast fluids and mercury in landfills?

Idling. Turning on and off an engine creates wear and tear in engine. Which is worse, a little extra gas use or a bunch of extra oily, dirty engines in the landfill?

Hybrid cars. This one really tickles me. It turns out that the special batteries used in hybrid cars are very toxic. So much so that the area around where the those batteries are made is now a "toxic, arid wilderness." See http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=417227&in_page_id=1770