Sister City

A proposed coal plant near Delta, Utah in Millard County is having some of the same issues as the planned Highwood Generating Station.
(Coal Plant Progressing Amid Protests, Lack of Buyers) 4/25/7

'Work on a new coal-fired power plant in Millard County is progressing, despite struggles to get some cities to sign up to buy the power and increasing objections from Utah residents and local doctors.
Image (Deseret Morning News graphic)
Deseret Morning News graphic
At least three Utah cities and several in California, including Pasadena and Anaheim, declined late last year to buy power from the plant. In Utah, Logan decided against participating because of environmental concerns. Murray and Heber said they did not need the extra power.

Many of the California cities dropped out after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation last September requiring California utilities to buy energy from clean-burning sources, as part of an effort to reduce global warming.

Residents have concern about air quality and the health effects of pollution. In addition, coal plants are considered top emitters of mercury, which has been linked to neurological issues, respiratory problems, headaches and other health problems, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.'

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