Even More Overfield

I received some additional information from Jim Donahue, the Chairman of the Humane Society of Cascade County:

In response to my letter yesterday to Corky Grove and John Lawton rejecting their proposal, Grove met with me after lunch. He described Humane Society of Cascade County as unreasonable. The main point of the meeting was his announcement that the City has decided that the Humane Society of Cascade County will provide interim animal control through midnight on July 4 and the City will assume control as of July 5.

To the best of my knowledge, the city commission has yet to vote on any Animal Control proposal so I have no idea on whose authority the City is acting to spend an additional $330k per year for animal control.

Grove also said the City will continue to accept proposals from any entities that might want to perform animal control.


Anonymous said...

What I'm hearing is that the mayor has fired the entire board of directors of the Animal Shelter. What's up with that? Have these people gone absolutely nuts?


GeeGuy said...

I am not certain how the Mayor can 'fire' the Board of Directors of an independent charity.

But what do I know? Not much, I'd guess.

GFgirl said...
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GFgirl said...
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GFgirl said...

I apologize if this was covered previously and I missed it, but can someone explain how the Humane Society of Cascade County is legally organized? For example, who is supposed to be in charge; where does the money come from; who pays the bills, etc.

Anonymous said...

The HSCC is a non profit, with a board of directors. It would actually be illegal (but I'm not a lawyer) I believe, for the assets of a non profit to be turned over to the city. The by-laws of the hscc regulate it and the board of directors are voted on by the existing board. Election of board officers are held every 2 years (I believe) and I also believe that in only one instance a board member has been voted off (at least in the past 6 or so years).

Dona Stebbins, as mayor, would have no say over the board of the hscc. Will be interesting to find out what actually is going on.

The issue is not about Susan Overfield, something else is clearly going on, it's just a matter of what. Geeguy, keep up the great reporting on this, the care of animals in cascade county is important.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for details from the Humane Society.

Is what the city commission and mayor doing dishonest?

It seems there is an emerging pattern of dishonest or odd habits being used to acheive agendas not fully disclosed in public meetings.

Very odd goings on. Disturbing trends indeed.

Anonymous said...

Remember this come November! We have other choices in the mayoral race besides Stebbins.

I can only wonder what a new administration might find. Time will tell.