Open Government, Part V

Below I asked what I thought was the somewhat rhetorical question, "Don't we want increased citizen participation in government?" I was, of course, referring to the forcible removal of Susan Overfield from a recent City Commission meeting.

It turns out that the question was not so rhetorical at all. We do want increased citizen participation in government. In fact, it is a stated policy of our City: "Ensure open and accessible government." It goes on to say that "[i]ncreased communication with the citizens it serves has been and remains an important goal of the City Commission...Openness and the free flow of information also are critical components to operating any healthy, innovative organization or business."

All of this made Mayor Stebbins a natural fit for her position. When she was campaigning against former Mayor Gray, she said, "I’m not happy with the level of citizen involvement in city government."

I guess something has changed.

Hat Tip: Thanks Rich!


Anonymous said...

RE: "I guess something has changed."

ROFLOL... tears streaming down my face.

What a great day to read the Ecity Blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm considering voting FOR the proposed budget increase with one stipulation: it must include remedial civic lessons for PrimaDonna and Corky and the boys at some place OTHER than John Lawton University! That would be a good start. But I must say that I DO feel safer knowing that if a terrorist ever DOES try to go past the three minute rule at a city councle meeting, he can expect injustice from the corky crew!