Speaker's Bureau

After talking to the Pachyderm Club about the coal plant last week, I have had several contacts inquiring as to whether I would speak to this group or that group.

The answer is, generally, yes. If you would like me to provide your group with a 20 minute summary of all I have learned about the coal plant, just send me an email at fallsblog@yahoo.com.

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mary jolley said...

Why do you not ask to present at A City Work Session. Other cities, like Havre let anyone who asks for time. They get about 15 minutes.

Susan should ask for time too.
It seems that only the views of city staff are given to the Elected Leaders.

Any one can read other MT city's work session minutes to see that they way things are done here is canned. Im suprised there isn't a laugh track.

The minutes of work sessions seem to have been written the day before. In one work session our former Mayor said, "It would be good to have a forum where we could ask questions." The subject was the water for the HGS.
Who leads this city?