Support for the Coal Plant

I had the good fortune to speak to our local Pachyderm Club today about the coal plant. For those who do not know, the Pachyderm Club is a generally right-leaning bunch allied with the Republican Party. These folks are typically pro-business conservatives. Tree-huggers they ain't.

Guess what. When presented with the facts about the coal plant as presented in this blog and elsewhere, most of them were shaking their heads when I was done.

I'm not dumb enough to try to extrapolate public opinion from a small group of people who have just been exposed to an extremely persuasive speaker (ok, that last part was a joke), but it does suggest to me that perhaps a significant portion of the community support for this project stems from a lack of objective information.


GFgirl said...

I spoke to a couple of people who attended the meeting and they thought the presentation was very well done. They did leave shaking their heads. They thought the plant such a good idea. Not anymore.

Anonymous said...

What? You mean the Trib hasn't told them whole story?

You mean the news media in GF hasn't done a Watch Dog piece on the facts?

Isn't Pachyderm a special interest group? And now you've exposed the facts to a special interest group?

Oh me, oh my. Big Sky is falling, the sky is falling and hit someone on the head....

Three Cheers for Special Interest Groups. Think you can get a few more speaking gigs?

(Well, I think I am funny and made myself laugh.)