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Aaron over at Treasure State Judaism is discussing the Humane Society issue.

I have a request, Aaron. Since you obviously have a great deal of knowledge about procurement, (here and here) please grab this one and tell us what's up. Is something rotten in Denmark? Or is the City Commission speaker out of line?

Oh yeah, and we're all busy. So don't even try that excuse, friend! :)

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Treasure State Jew said...

Geeguy; The truth is that I don't know the whole story ... yet. I will try to pick this one up and find out, though.

I don't have an axe to grind here. If the Humane Society isn't doing the job that the city hired them to do, then they should be fired. However, they would have to be botching the job pretty badly to justify spending an additional $330k for the privilege of in-sourcing this activity.