Where is the City Commission?

Why is the City Commission not helping GeeGuy get the PUBLIC documents he has requested from city staff? These people were elected by the voters of Great Falls to represent ALL Great Falls citizens, not just the "staff".

According to Mayor Stebbins "...we ARE the ones making the decisions, popular or not. Mr Lawton is our EMPLOYEE, and carries out the policies decided upon by the Commissioners."

A couple of possibilities:

1. Mr. Lawton and others are carrying out the policies decided upon by the Commissioners, which is to say the City Commission has decided certain public documents should not be made public;


2. The employees are not doing their jobs, in which case they should be instructed to do so or be fired. Gosh, what a concept.

Folks, this ongoing documents battle GeeGuy is fighting goes way beyond the coal plant and everything attached to it. Regardless of your position on the plant, the fact that a citizen of this city cannot get what he is rightfully entitled to, namely PUBLIC documents, should be a major concern and a red flag to all of us.

Why the stonewalling? Something stinks and I’m not talking about the dump.


Hawkeye said...

Welcome GFgirl! Nice post. Hopefully Mayor Stebbins will comment on why an average citizen like GeeGuy (OK, above average), cannot get documents from city employees that they are required to provide. WHO IS RUNNING THE SHOW?

david said...

I'm actually a supporter of the coal plant - in theory - but the fiasco surrounding the documents and the funding has me pretty disillusioned.

Mayor Dona - can you do anything to help?

And GFgirl - welcome indeed - great to have another voice in our little online community!

Anonymous said...

"...should be a major concern and a red flag to all of us."

1) This is not an isolated case ~ The problem exists in County and State agencies as well.
2) Some of us have been complaining about abuse of power for years.

Welcome aboard. Pace yourself because the obvious insanity requires stamina and fortitude.