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I received the following submission from a community leader:

I do not see what the fuss is. No one should question the intent of the well managed City of Great Falls seeking to jump into another area for which it has no expertise. Certainly the City and its omnipotent City Manager can run an animal shelter better than a foundation dedicated to the protection of animals.

Just consider how well the City managed the long term maintenance and upkeep of the City pool system? Oh, I forgot that is falling apart ....well maybe that is not a good example.

Consider how well the water park has done? Well maybe it was not intended to be run as a not for profit enterprise.....again, let me give a better example.

How about the handling of the Fair Grounds before it was turned back over to the County who ran it at a profit? I forgot. The City got sued and lost a bundle for failure to maintain the premises....let me try again.

The golf courses? Again, another not for profit endeavor....maybe not.

The Lewis and Clark festivities? You mean the citizens did not approve this expenditure.....not the best choice.

How about our city run utility company? Does not every utility sell electricity at submarket rates while paying for that same electricity with "water futures" ............again, I should work on my examples.

Maybe I should skip the idea of giving examples and instead concentrate on ensuring Mr. Lawton receives the best of retirement parties if for no other reason than to ensure he is really retired. Probably the most positive spin that can be put on the situation is this era of management(and that term is used loosely) is coming to an end.

Here is another positive spin. Some prior posts indicate that Dona Stebbins’ good friend was letting people know she was getting a new job dealing with animals normally cared for by the Human Society. This should be deemed a major breakthrough and a sign Dona is keeping her promises.

Dona ran on a platform where she promised not to continue the "good old boys’ network". I fact she has not. Rather, with an eye on equality, she has turned the "good old boys’ network" into equal opportunity cronyism. The City is nothing if not progressive.

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Anonymous said...

Incoming Message from the Big Giant Head!

Repeat after the Big Giant Head:

There are no cultural problems within the current form of city government.

All laws that apply to taxpayers do not apply to the Mayor or the Commission.

Taxpayers do not want transparent government.

Voters insist upon closed meetings and no public comment.

We want larger government and it must blend city control of private enterprises for the good of the proletariat.

Long live The Big Giant Head!