Critical Mass

There has been so much discussion and interaction here lately, I almost sense a growing singularity of involvement in this town. Let's don't lose it. How to keep it growing?

First, spread the word. Let's make sure people know that there is a blogosphere in Great Falls. Not just ECW, but all of the incredibly good writers in this town who don't work at that brick building by the river (you know, the ones who studiously avoid mentioning anything we talk about even though some of them read us daily!).

Second, let's use the offline version to spread the word. I will try to get my ass in gear and get it done.

Third, there has been talk of a community council of some type. Nice idea in theory, but we have to think this through. It cannot just be citizens off the street. While we obviously need a forum for all citizens, we need a leadership agency in this town, achievers, those who accomplish things. Those with the 'juice' to talk over the top of the Commission and the Tribune. The community council has to be comprised of people with money or power. People who have the wherewithal to ignore the petty goings on in the Civic Center.

Fourth, I'm going skiing early, so I need a break.

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Anonymous said...

Gee Guy, I recently heard that you HAVE an offline version. I didn't know that. Where are they located? I'd like to see one. Maybe it will turn into an alternative newspaper and last a little longer than the other one did. You see, the last one was good, but in my opinion, the owner wasn't willing to take the risks necessary to survive.