Democratic Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson

On Education: "And I would emphasize science and math, and I would also bring...to make sure, to make sure our kids who are not scoring well in science and math, twenty-ninth in the world, to unlock those minds in science and math, I would have a major federal program of art in the schools, music, dancing, sculpture and the arts." (At 1:25)

You know, now that he mentions it, every mathematician I have ever met is a great dancer. And have you ever met a sculptor who cannot explain Einstein's theory? I know I haven't.

By the way, his comments were met with great cheering.

Do you really wonder why we're twenty-ninth in the world?


Anonymous said...

Don't make fun of Richardson. He was Energy Secretary for Bill Clinton--and that's the job that Brian Schweitzer is campaigning for under the Hillary administration........

Anonymous said...

O.k. Let's make fun of Hollywood Bully Brian instead.

How is Bill Richardson going to cram all of those things in a single day....when the unions are complaining that teachers need more money, more time off to do other things?

PUBLIC SCHOOL Children definitely need a more classical education but in Montana Private Schools and Charter School and Home School Children are doing just fine, just fine, without another maladjusted bureaucrat sticking a hand in to stir the pot.

Anonymous said...

I am a mathematician by degree and I resemble that remark. I dance darn well with both my left feet.