Local Government


You go figure out which is the best.

Then we can figure out how to change it.

Or we could just disincorporate!


Anonymous said...


Kelly Manzer expressed some concerns regarding the Spay/Neuter Clinic. It appears that this clinic is open to the public and not limited to the needy. The Humane Society animals have not been included in this clinic. Mayor Donna Stebbins is actively promoting an event which appears to be competing with the local, tax-paying veterinary clinics in Great Falls. The aftercare and surgical facility are also of concern for the excessive numbers of animals involved. Kelly Manzer stated that a spay/neuter clinic is definitely needed for feral and un-owned animals but believes family pets deserve better treatment. Joe Tropila suggested that the local veterinarians contact their association and perhaps write letters to the editor to inform the public of such concerns.

Anonymous said...

Candidate Stebbins: “I’m not happy with the level of citizen involvement in city government.”

Was that before or after citizens were limited to the 3 minute rule?

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Candidate Dona Stebbins: by being here tonight, you all honor the democratic process; government derives its power from those who are governed; it’s your power to give, your power to take away; you elect people to represent you, not rule you; earlier, I asked where’s the fiscal responsibility, which is the hallmark of strong government; you will find the answers in the voting booth on November 8th.

Stebbins also posted:

# dona stebbins Says:
November 3rd, 2005 at 11:15 am

David, my question to Mayor Gray was never answered to my saisfaction. The second part if you recall was,”What will you do if the Northwestern deal falls through?” He failed to address that at all. We are already into it for over $100,000, with another $100,000 pending for the “Guarantee” to NW.
That’s a lot of money already!

HMMMMM.... Maybe it is time to change or disincorporate...