New Candidate

RFK, Jr., for President.

He's gonna "fly" past his opponents, the filthy traitors!


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QUOTE: (emphasis added in bold)

After graduating from Harvard University, Kennedy earned his law degree from the University of Virginia Law School. He later studied at the Fabian-socialist London School of Economics and earned a Master's Degree in environmental law from Pace University School of Law in White Plains, New York (where today he is a clinical professor and supervising attorney at this school's Environmental Litigation Clinic). After passing the New York bar exam, he got a job as a prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

Heroin put Kennedy on the path to environmental activism. "According to Kennedy's own accounts," wrote one critic, "he was also a secret heroin addict, disguising himself and visiting Harlem to buy illegal drugs by night. That double life caught up with him in 1984 when he was arrested and charged with heroin possession. As part of a plea bargain arrangement, Kennedy was sentenced to 800 hours of community service, which he worked off by volunteering at the Hudson River Foundation. This group was later absorbed by the Hudson Riverkeepers, the Waterkeeper Alliance's flagship constituent group."

Many such "waterkeeper" or "baykeeper" groups already existed, thinking of themselves as a "neighborhood watch" to spot polluters and enforce environmental laws. Kennedy in 1999 created an umbrella organization with himself as President called the Waterkeeper Alliance, which as of 2004 had approximately 120 such member organizations.

Waterkeeper Alliance has filed trademark claims on words such as "waterkeeper," "lakekeeper," "baykeeper" and "coastkeeper," and now requires environmental groups that want to use such names to license from the Waterkeeper Alliance the right to do so. Kennedy says this is to ensure the integrity of this "brand" name and prevent its misuse by capitalists, but critics see it as his way of exerting control and influence over both new and preexisting environmental groups. - and of making money from any commercial use of these long-used "keeper" names.

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