Offline Blog

Posting should be light this week as I am trying my damnedest to get the offline blog done. If you are going to submit anything for consideration, please email it to me by Friday. Anyone is welcome to submit something, but I may or may not print it.


P.S. It doesn't look like anyone will even miss me; y'all are doing plenty of posting yourselves!


Anonymous said...

Oh you are missed. But for the Offline Blog there'd be concern...

Git 'er done!

Anonymous said...

I still wanta know where I can find an off line version.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated -

I was in GF last week for a wedding, and got a chuckle over the GF Tribune's new billboard advertisements. The headline said:

"When it's happening here, we're there."

That explains EVERYTHING. :-)

Maybe you guys would have better luck getting the Trib to cover your stories if you could find out where “there” actually is.



Anonymous said...

Maybe "there" is not here where it is happening?

Maybe they're "there" in a place far and away from when it's happening here.

Anonymous said...

They (Tribune) certainly are not "Here" for much reporting. They leave in the middle of most City Commission meeting. They seldom if ever attend ECP board meetings. Its no wonder few folks know what is going on locally because the Tribune is "there" somewhere else on the planet, but not "Here" where they should be?