They're baaaack...

The police stings for those who would sell alcohol to the underaged occurred again recently. This engendered a great deal of discussion on the local blogosphere.

I am assuming that the point of these stings is to reduce underaged drinking. Where are the statistics? Is it working?

If the GFPD is not measuring the success of this program in some meaningful way, then I submit that this is nothing more than harassment.

(Disclaimer: I represent some of the businesses on 'the list,' but none of the businesses that failed the sting.)


Anonymous said...

The GFPD likes to play cop now and then. Who knows? Maybe they watched a TV show recently where this was done and it inspired them. Ever read The Last Picture Show, the book about some kids growing up in a small Texas town? They really didn't know how to act. Everything they did was based upon the last picture show that they saw. Kinda reminds me of Dorky's boys. They watch too much TV. They think they're workin' in East L.A. or sumthin'! Or maybe Reno 911!


Anonymous said...

Mother of Perpetual Help, pray for us.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they must have the meth problem under control or maybe some agency is looking for more funding for something.