But it's...."Free."

Sure, it's free, alright:

Or how about this:

But on Friday, the couple came to Great Falls after searching unsuccessfully for a Canadian hospital that would have room to host four premature babies.

"They phoned all across Canada," J.P. said of the doctors at home. "They phoned down here and Dr. Key said they had space."

Karen Jepp was the fifth Alberta woman transferred to Benefis this year because of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit shortages in Canada.

[Emphasis added]


Anonymous said...

Freedom to spend money on everything "except their own bodies...."

Ahhhh....the smell of social communist policies.

Heil Hill-bill-ary, comrade.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe Canada would exist today if not next to the US, Eh?

Canada, socialism with a big strapping brother for a safety net.

Anonymous said...

Expanding Access To Affordable Health Care

Friday, Aug 24, 2007

Today, In Florida, Governor Mitt Romney Unveiled A Bold Plan To Improve The American Health Care System By Putting Conservative, Market-Based Principles To Work. Governor Romney's health care reform plan is a comprehensive solution to America's health care ills that expands access to affordable, portable, quality, private health insurance. Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all, government-run system, Governor Romney's plan recognizes the importance of the role of the states in leading reform and the need for innovation in dealing with rising health care costs and the problem of the uninsured.

- Governor Romney's Plan Facilitates The Growth Of The Private Health Insurance Market. Governor Romney believes that by expanding and deregulating the private health insurance market, we can decrease costs and ensure that more Americans have access to affordable, portable, quality, private health insurance.

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The Romney Vision: Health Care Reform Goals