Hey, we've been noticed!

Look, they noticed us at the Tribune Forum! Whoopee.

First, the aptly-named shrub agrees with the Tribune's legal conclusion: "As the Tribune correctly points out, we have an obligation to provide health care to Native Americans in an agreement that dates back to the 1700s." Uh, ok. As noted below, though, we are still waiting to see this "contract" or "agreement."

This demonstrates why it matters that the Tribune get things right: Because ding-dongs named shrub will repeat the bullsh*t as though it fact. It isn't. The reservation system and thus the "ward" concept began in the 1800's, not the 1700's. Um, shrub, Indians weren't even US Citizens in the 1700's. Do you really contend that the US government entered into a contract 200 years ago to forever provide free health care to non-citizens?

Then someone named "bramble" calls out a commenter from below. Other than a snide reference to the "quality of discourse" on the local blogosphere, bramble really doesn't even respond to what the commenter says. I guess when you're as smart as "bramble," your disdain is all the argument you need, huh?

My favorite part, though, is this from "bramble" in reference to the comment: "Posted by, who else, 'Anonymous'"

Let's get this straight, someone who posts with the cleverly descriptive pseudonym "bramble" suggests that another is not to be taken seriously because the "anonymous" commenter posts, well, anonymously?

"Bramble"? Do you even know how silly that sounds? Ooops. Sorry about the "quality" of that "discourse."


Anonymous said...

I believe what the Trib is referring to, though I wasn't able to access the entire book for reference and so cannot weigh their accuracy, is:

"American Singularity: The 1787 Northwest Ordinance, the 1862 Homestead & Morrill Acts, & the 1944 GI Bill", Harold M. Hyman (Prof @ Rice University)

There is a reference to the solidification of the 1787 Constitution & discussion on health care of various groups.

I also believe that Hyman has a paper out on this subject, which may be another place where the Trib is pulling info from.

GeeGuy said...

With all due respect, S.O., that seems a stretch.

Let's take another look at what the Tribune actually said:

"Access to and availability of health care for the first citizens of this nation, Native Americans, was a trust contract solidified in the Constitution in 1787.

That's a given."

It doesn't say anything about the Northwest Ordinance, or the GI Bill, or that "some scholars say" something or other. It flat out states that starting with the US Constitution we promised Native Americans access to health care.

Come to think of it, the whole statement sounds like multicultural wishful thinking: "the first citizens of this nation." Are they kidding? Native Americans were the first residents of the US, but this Country did not make them citizens for years. About a hundred of them, I think.

I think the editorial board feels sorry for Native Americans because the board, as a group, feels that Native Americans are incapable of caring for themselves. And, since they feel sorry for them, they feel a tremendous obligation to them. So I don't think they really cared if what they said was true. They found it on Wikipedia, it sounded good, and it made their case stronger. Good enough for modern journalism.

But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

I apologize, I didn't mean to sound as if I were supporting the Trib in their statements, I merely was trying to offer the document they seemed to be using as a reference.

I do agree with your assessment, however. S.O.

GeeGuy said...

No apology necessary, we're just talking. :)

Big Sky Husker said...


I'll bet the folks at the Trib are doing zilch for the Indians with their own cash and time. The bleeding heart latte sippers at the Trib always crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of brain trusts over on the trib forum. Here's one from a poser going as "Holy Hal" note the sign line at the bottom:

"Bramble, if you are holding out the Electric City Weblog as a forum for high quality discussion, I do hope you are doing so tongue in cheek. This right-leaning (so far over it tips!) blog bashes just about everything - public servants simply doing their jobs, the Highwood Generating Station ( and anyone who supports it) and numerous other issues that capture the fancy of the casino-owning lawyer who writes it.

This is NOT a good example of the blogosphere and good discussion. Larry Kralj (aka the environMENTAL Ranger, aka the Redneck Hippie) posts there frequently as "anonymous." People are allowe to denigrate and demean others while cloaking their identities, encouraged by the blog owner.

What a waste of time, print and the internet! Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
Do unto others before they do it to you.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. I never post as anonymous. What's that guy talking about? He's way off base.


Anonymous said...


what do you expect from a guy that says: "Do unto others before they do it to you."

Not the Montana spirit. Must be from Jersey.