Mayoral Forum-Firefly

Our friend Firefly has a post up about the candidates' responses to the mayoral forum.

She's unimpressed.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Firefly should ask some follow up questions to elicit answers to that will give her the information she feels she needs to hear.


Anonymous said...

Her post sounds she could use some bread and cheese to go along with the whine.

Anonymous said...

If Firefly had anything close to the same volume of readers, she could do her own forum with her very own questions.

Do I detect some jealousy? I'll donate some cheese.

Anonymous said...

The city could start by cleaning up the vegetation growing out of the cracks of the median berm on 10th.

Anonymous said...

"they have no desire to debate each other on the merits of their own statements?"

In the word of GeeGuy.... yawn.

Refreshing to let candidates stand on their own merits, Firefly has a problem with them answering a question where people can comment or ask questions for more detail and then candidates can post answers and then people can comment or ask questions again?

Certainly not be construed as an attack on Firefly, PL has a point. There is no 3 or 5 minute rule in this forum so I also have to agree with the other Anonymous Post 7:58.

Drive your personal agenda Firefly and get what you feel you deserve out of the candidates. Mr. McKnight has a website you can vent at and some of us are monitoring his site too.

Or follow the example of Joe Briggs, who joined the discussion by asking tough questions.

Resistance Is Not Futile

P.S. Anon 8:33... jealousy...interesting thought.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I would like to know the education of our current commissioners & mayor along with those seeking office. I also want to know about past experience in the real business world.

Answering hypothetical questions is interesting but is just hypothetical. I don't think any of these questions can be answered in a satisfactory way without some dialog. We are getting very little here sorry to say.

Higher education shows a desire and ones level of commitment to stick with a program, study hard and earn a degree. Business experience shows what you have done with that education and learned along the way.

Politician's that run for the job without either often lack well rounded principles necessary to make judgment calls with very limited time and facts. Decisions become co-opted by staff and emotions and not sound business practice. I feel this is the case with our present commission.

We have enough politicians in the world. Time to get some committed citizens with an understanding of what it takes to make a living and live within ones means.

Just my 2 cents.

WolfPack said...

I think what Firefly was pointing out is that there are issues beyond the coal plant, 3 minute rule and the dog catcher for a prospective mayor to deal with. Zoning issues are a large part of what the commission does day to day. She was accurately pointing out that the answers given show little interest in the meat and tater part of the job. One issue candidates are as troublesome as one issue voters.

GeeGuy said...

I'll weigh in. First, I can assure you without question that there is no jealousy involved here. Firefly and I have mutual respect, not animus.

Second, I think she makes some pretty good points. While one certainly can understand the need to act 'like a politician' in a large statewide or national race where districting, demographics and pandering play a role, this is a small town, local election in a small state.

We shouldn't need positioning and posturing. We shouldn't see 'lawyerly' answers. Remember "all politics is local?" This is an election where we should feel like the candidates are just one of us, neighbors we can talk to. People who can offer their ideas freely and discuss the issues frankly.

Is there anyone who does not appreciate the fact that Joe Briggs comes on and comments? Or that Peggy Beltrone commented extensively at Firefly's place?

Anonymous said...

"The city could start by cleaning up the vegetation growing out of the cracks of the median berm on 10th."

10th Avenue South is a State Highway. MDOT is repsonsible for maintenance.


Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, based on the repsonses, one candidate stands out.


Anonymous said...

We are getting very little here except the usual run of the mouth complaining with a sprinkle of "oh, I hate to complain because I am not running in their shoes" garbage.

It's a free country. Whine all you want if it makes you feel better and if you think it will induce the voting populous to action. Otherwise, look at some win-win choices here, folks:

1. Post your questions or
2. Engage the candidates in debate or
3. Go to the candidate websites and complain or ask questions.

Whining diminishes the value of GeeGuy's Mayoral forum.