Mayoral Forum-Sixth Question

6. Please comment on the Land Use Code and the Sign Code, including their conception, adoption, and implementation.

Larry Steele:

I was not able to locate enough info on the Land Use Code to compliment on it. The Sign Code has it pluses and minuses. A big plus is that in a major wind storm less signs will be ripped apart and blow in the way of oncoming traffic. A big minus is that it takes away from the American Landscape. Business signs have been an American Icon for decades now.

Susan Kahn:

This area is extensive. Could you be more specific? A plan is important. Spot zoning is not good. On signage implementation it allows time for compliance. Decisions need to be fair.

Ed McKnight:

Current Sign and Land Code changes have their roots in citizen critique of the appearance of the city. The codes are supposed to guide(control) growth to create a positive(aesthetic) image to draw investment into the community. There are other reasons a business might locate somewhere besides how a place looks, like affordability or freedom (the absence of government micro managing or changing the rules in the middle of the game). I understand there was a lot of opposition to the new code but it was adapted anyway. In my discussions with people spotty code enforcement is a regular theme and I only wonder if this would continue with the sign and land use or if this will initiate a new era of code enforcement.


Anonymous said...

Is the sign code even being enforced?

Anonymous said...

A refresher thought: "Wait a minute. The City passed an ordinance and then does not follow it? Is that legal?"

We actually have laws but it appears the bureaucrats use laws and rules to benefit the bureaucracy without inconveniencing the bureaucracy.