It looks like Missoula is out:

"[T]the controversy over the Highwood Generating Station and its future, questions about Electric City’s long-term financial stability, uncertainty over the implications of House Bill 25 and considerable negative public comment lead me to believe that the time isn’t right to pursue this alternative. I’ve spoken with John Lawton and Colleen Balzarini of Great Falls; they understand my concerns..."

[Emphasis Added]


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Best news of the day.

Think the Tribune will report this in the morning?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you rock geeguy, the Tribure just finally posted the story. Way to scoop the dinosaur media.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, kudos to you Gee Guy! I still think you are rather suited for a term in the City Manager's chair, but I must say that this forum of yours is rather swell.

GeeGuy said...

Not you again!