More Freedom of Information

August 21, 2007

Ms. Lisa Kunz
City Clerk
City of Great Falls
Civic Center
Great Falls, MT 59401


Re: Electric City Power

Dear Lisa:

I am writing in accordance with Article II, Section 9 of the Montana Constitution. As you know, that Section provides: “No person shall be deprived of the right to examine documents or to observe the deliberations of all public bodies or agencies of state government and its subdivisions, except in cases in which the demand of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure.”

In accordance with that Section, I would like to obtain copies of any and all documents or other items of tangible property that identify or otherwise refer to the “good prospects for power customers” referred to in this morning’s article in the Great Falls Tribune.

Anticipating that production of such documents will be refused, please identify what each and every such document is (i.e., letter, draft agreement, memorandum, etc.) and provide the specific legal authority for refusal to produce it.

I am enclosing $10.50, which I believe is what I owe for the last request. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.


Anonymous said...

ROCK ON, GeeGuy!

Anonymous said...

My guess the papers come back redacted more than the project blue book - straight out of the x-files.

Anonymous said...

Your last two posts show they stonewall you, railroad Overfield and screw the rest of us.
Wake up, we don't have a government we have a petty tyrant in Stebbins, a self-serving city manager in Lawton and weak followers elsewhere. Time for an overhaul.

Anonymous said...

You post heading should say "No More Freedom or Infomation"

Anonymous said...

I can just see the response - MYOFB, we know whats right for you.

GeeGuy said...

Actually, there's been no response yet.

Anonymous said...


Are the king & queen's royal scribes copying this information with a quill and ink or what?