A Post for a Friend

Here's a special post for a friend. You know who you are:


Anonymous said...

Gee Guy's forum on the mayor and well, alot of other subjects too, is really great on a number of levels. I've become a great fan and now "check in" every day to see what the subject is for the day, or what progression of comment there is on an on-going subject/discussion.

I followed the link that he posted about Firefly's mayor-candidate forum.

Honestly, Im surprised that some comments dogged poor Firefly for this. Like ECW, her site is good reading and it also opportunes quality discussion. Also, I notice she comments regularly at ECW and I seriously doubt she has any cause for "jealousy". (I guess one might be able to guess who the special friend the music video was posted for)(:

Personally, I'm now aware of Firefly's quality site and that there is yet another source that I can visit to read about various issues. I regret not having taken some time to venture over and take a look sooner.

a-fire-fly said...

Why thank, you anon.

While unsubstantiated, I also assume this post is for me.
However, I feel comfortable simply calling GeeGuy an ass, and letting it go at that. I'm sure he will accept the sentiment in the spirit it was given. :)

Rooster said...

I read a-fire-fly's comments concerning the Mayoral Forum. I did not detect any whining or jealousy. After reading some of the comments, I went back to her site, and again, nothing I read suggests unsupported complaining or envy.

I have been lurking about GeeGuy and a-fire-fly's sites long enough to know they have mutual respect for each other. GeeGuy (and I) support a-fire-fly’s commentary on topics such as the inequitable implementation of the Sign Code. As I understand it, a-fire-fly’s main complaint about the City is that they do not follow (nor enforce) their own ordinances.

I guess her problem with the Mayoral Forum is the lack of a direct and specific response to the questions asked. Specifically, a-fire-fly noted a lack of knowledge about the Land Use Code; which has been pointed out, is the “bread and butter” work of the Commission. A-fire-fly simply suggests that the answers to question #6 are “politician non-answer answers”.

a-fire-fly said...

And just for the record, the critics didn't really bother me that much. The lack of understanding about what I was trying to say did. However, the folks who have come out and said they do understand my point mean much more to me than the negativity expressed in the other thread.
I just don't get why I should ask more questions when my whole point was that the canidates didn't answer the questions.