This Attitude will be Our Downfall.

I tried to embed this video, but I couldn't get it to work.

Her first statement: "I ask all the candidates, 'what are you going to do for me.'"

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country," was another famous saying, wasn't it? (Full text here.)

Does this woman accept, does she bear, any responsibility for her own predicament?

Does Mitt Romney, who made an awful lot of money but apparently doesn't know this woman, does he bear any responsibility for her predicament? Does Hillary?

Do you as a taxpayer bear responsibility for her predicament?


Anonymous said...

Liberals expect that we can make govenment take over parental duties--and then we wonder why the kids turned out bad..........

Anonymous said...

70 years of the welfare experiment and here we are....

how many generations of entitlement junkies later?

(See How Are Children Faring under Welfare Reform? Emerging Patterns
Martha J. Zaslow - Kristin A. Moore - Kathryn Tout - Juliet Scarpa - Sharon Vandivere. A. Weil and K. Feingold (Eds.), Welfare Reform: The Next Act (pp. 79-101). Washington, DC: Urban Institute Press. 2003.

"Approximately 20,000-25,000 young people age out of the foster care system each year, many without family or economic support (Allen, M. & Nixon, R., 2000). According to the 2000 Census, nearly 4 million people ages of 25-34 live with their parents due to economic realities--jobs are scarce, and housing is expensive. "

Taking money away from state run programs to teach people the right to choose from private programs would be an improvement over the last 70 years.

Anonymous said...

When is the government going to start buying me my red wine? I need it to prevent heart disease.

People don't want health insurance of any kind, they want "free" health care.

It's called life & liberty and that woman or shall I say zoo animal, has no clue. We are doomed.

Anonymous said...

I blame the reporter. This was a hit piece on Romney. How does the reporter know whether this woman has a reasonable basis to complain? What if her dire straits are of her own doing?

Anonymous said...

"reasonable basis to complain"

Why are taxpayers responsible for anyone else's health care?

Where did this idea come from in the first place? I'm racking my brains trying to recall the very first time I heard this attitude in public...


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:07 AM posting

Thank you for the posting "how many generations of entitlement junkies later?" I've not finished reading all the information, but what has been read is most interesting.

Anon 7:41 AM posting

. . zoo animal? Tsk.


Anonymous said...


I believe anon referring to "zoo animal" suggests people are expecting care from their keepers. Really a good analogy.

Sadly this is how many feel. It's the government's job to care and feed them through welfare, now health care. What's next? Cable, cellphone, autos. Someone suggested red wine.

Where does the entitlement mentality end?


Anonymous said...


Oops! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

How about if the government pays for my house, my food and my car too? Can nobody take care of themselves any more?