Tone of Discussion

Who'da thunk that I would be hoisting a Larry Kralj comment to post level as an example of what we can do to improve the tone of discussion. Well, I am:

Guys, guys, GUYS! Easy on Donna. Look, that's the other part of democracy that we can't leave out. And that is allowing all the candidates to have their say. Even Donna. I personally feel that there is really NOTHING to prepare a person to be mayor. In other words, it's impossible to know exactly what it's going to be like UNTIL you get in there. And then it's too late. I still think that Donna was well-intentioned in the beginning. I don't think she realized just exactly how HUGE this coal fiasco was going to become. She found herself in the eye of a perfect storm of public outrage. And she really didn't know how to effectively and gracefully handle it. I personally think that she's doing the best she can. Now, that being said, she has obviously taken some positions. And, as democracy demands, if she expects anyone to vote for her again, she must justify those positions. But, she deserves the courtesy of civil discourse. Disagree with her all you want, but allow her to speak and present her position. That's what I plan to do. And my feelings on some of the actions the council have taken are very, very strong. But if we are to reign in actions that I think are undemocratic, we gotta use democracy to do it. Donna needs to know exactly why people are outraged. And the people who are most against this plant are NOT wild-eyed revolutionaries (present company excluded), but rather some of the city's most well-respected citizens. That alone indicates that somethings amiss. So, please let's reason this thing out together!

He's right. The candidates deserve civil discourse and respect before and after the election.

That does not mean we do not ask difficult questions. That does not mean that challenging the positions of the City Commission, even forcefully, is unfair, mean or disrespectful.

But, frankly, we're all on the same side here. Anyone who shows up to talk about the issues is worthy of consideration and courtesy.

(And, I have to admit, coming from LK that makes me smile even repeating it!)


Anonymous said...

Maybe they could be enticed to look at this forum as a public work meeting. You know, the meeting before the work meeting where all the things they discuss are hammered out instead of at the public comment meeting?

And since this forum allows them unlimited opportunity in discussing and documenting positions, perhaps they will consider ECW worthy of city commission and mayoral considerations for sensible discussions.

It would show courtesy enough if they but share their thought processes so we might all become an enlightened people.

Anonymous said...

Gee Guy, I musta been having a bad day. My dark side (or nice side as I like to call it) got the best of me. Sorry, it won't happen again!


just kidding