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Some of you might remember that our local hospital, Benefis Healthcare, sued the Great Falls Clinic and Essentia Health to stop them from buying the Central Montana Surgical Hospital from Harold Poulsen. Benefis did not want competition.

Benefis lost.

Benefis appealed to the Montana Supreme Court.

Benefis lost.

Today, a Montana District Court Judge ruled that Benefis Healthcare is liable to pay the attorney fees than the Great Falls Clinic, Essentia Health, and Harold Poulsen incurred in defending against the Benefis lawsuit.

The amount of the fees will be determined later, but the amount claimed is significant.

The law allows an award of fees when a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction is dissolved. The Court found that Benefis was liable for fees in a summary ruling entered in open court.

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rooster said...


You just made my day!

I have been at work and/or meetings since 6:00 AM. I got home and checked the ECW to see what I might have missed today.

Thanks for the breaking news!

Truthfully, I was fairly certain this was to be the eventual outcome, but you never know...

Jon Kudrna rocks!