City Manager

No surprise here. The Tribune agrees with the existing members of the City Commission that John Lawton's replacement should be hired forthwith.

I'm ambivalent.

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Anonymous said...

Ya know, the thing that really makes me sick about this ed is that the Trib can sit there and make a baldfaced LIE! They claim that the public has had PLENTY of opportunity to comment on the coal plant at public meetings. So, how is it that donna can attempt to have Stuart Lewin arrested for using the word "doublespeak"? How is it that plainclothes cops are lurking in the audience just WAITING to pounce when queen donna deems a perp's speech to be improper? How is it that the commission did away with our right to vote on the plant? How is it that the commission does NOT have to answer any questions or charges presented to it? How is it that the city can "lose" three million dollars with NO paper trail? How is it that the commission can IGNORE the entire populace of Great Falls who are against this giant meth lab? And how is it that the Fibune has become such a piece of crap "newspaper"? I thought that the fourth estate was supposed to serve the PEOPLE! But the Fibune has become a willing accomplice to the corruption currently permeating our city commission.