Nice job by GeeGuy who was featured on the recent podcast at Small town-Long Streets hosted by Craig at Montana Politics.

Some sarcasm from GeeGuy:

“I am not really sure why we need a coal plant in Great Falls Montana if the people that live here don’t get the power. Here’s what I say about the coal plant. I am born and raised in Great Falls, and Great Falls has an image problem. We have an inferiority complex.”

“You ask anybody born and raised in Great Falls and they will kick a can down the street and say... ‘We’re not Missoula…oh, they’re boomin, it stinks here.’

So somehow, somebody got the idea that they will go around to all these other cities… Bozeman, Billings, Red Lodge, all these communities that already look down their noses at our community and say ‘You know its really flat there, it’s windy, it’s not a pretty town, it’s a kind of a blue collar town’. So, we’re going to them to say ... ‘Hey you guys need power, how about we have a coal plant, and you put it in our town. We’ll take the pollution, you guys get the power.’

“I mean, where did that come from? How is that a good idea? We’re not the doormats of the state.. oh, wait.. I guess we are! We’ll take all your smoke, but we’ll lock in those power prices for you guys down in Billings, down there in the Magic City. We’ll be up here in Coal Central right?


Anonymous said...

You actually SAID all that??? Wow! Were you channeling me?? Great job, Gee Guy. And I don't consider it sarcasm at all. Just the damn TRUTH!


WolfPack said...

It's only getting worse. Now our senators are trying to get a coal-to-liquid plant built here. This has got to be illegal. Where is our vote? Why does the military need to be involved in private enterprise? What about the children? LK- got any good names for Tester and Baucus?

Anonymous said...

I lean towards criminal activity, not an image problem of the residents. There are villains at work behind this coal plant. They found small time hicks with big egos, willing to sell us out for a few trinkets.

Now we have the old door to door peddlers mark on the fencepost. Great Falls is a sucker town boys, have at em.

Next in line to sell us new improved snake oil is none other than our beloved pork barrel Air Farce. They have overstayed their welcome.

Time to pick sides.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you suggest "the Air Farce...overstayed their welcome"?

Anonymous said...

I anon refers to an article in today's paper.

The Air Force is seriously eyeing Malmstrom Air Force Base as a potential site for a large coal-to-liquid fuels plant.

Anonymous said...

The question was not about the article.