Ed McKnight

Ed McKnight's full response to the Great Falls Tribune's first question, WHY SHOULD VOTERS PICK YOU RATHER THAN ANOTHER CANDIDATE?

Imagine a Mayor with the desire to achieve the ideals of openness in government, the ability to understand very complex situations and skills using a balanced pproach to problem solving, then couple that with my ability to think independently and I am your candidate.My leadership experiences are geared toward investing in the can-do spirit of people. I know how to listen and believe in citizen-centered government as essential to the process needed to improve city life. I believe in open government through accountability and since fiscal responsibility is a key to my success that core philosophy should bring peace of mind to taxpayers. My technology, business and military experiences clearly show my record in accomplishing challenging tasks with great success. Considering my talents, abilities and efforts to lead in a civil and dignified manor, I have the ability and desire to facilitate, to include all people doing their best to improve our community.

I would like to add the folowing,

I am very sincere about Fiscal Responsibility, Open Government and Civil Leadership. I think I can best serve in day to day business by investigating and providing factual information to the public so we can decide as a community what direction we want to take. Also, I would facilitate the people who are trying very hard to make our community a better place to live. Currently there is no bigger issue than Electric City Power and Highwood Generating Station. I know there are other issues but I don't think most people realize the magnitude of the finantial distaster we are on the brink of.

Here is a small sample of the information I have accumulated regarding ECP and SME. Besides my own investigation I am receiving information from many sources and try my best to verify everything. I welcome any corrections.

Out of the 25 electric cooperatives in Montana, 14 were originally members of SME. Only five of those members found themselves in dire straights where if they did not build a coal plant the lights were going out or prices were going through the roof. The nine other cooperatives have no problems at all.

There is a total generating capacity of 5,500MW in Montana.

The average production of all generation is 3,000MW

The average consumption in Montana total is 2,500MW

SME total average load is 54MW

SME is guaranteed 20MW from Western Area Power Administration.

SME's total requirement is 34MW

Judith Gap peaks at 135MW and has set a record for wind turbine capacity factor and is now expanding. Northwestern Energy very competently negotiated a 30 year fixed contract price of $36 per MW and after firming totals $42MW.

Electric City Power buys blocks of power at a current theoretical average price of $46.57. If 100% of that power is not sold then ECP takes the loss and the actual price is higher.

ECP contracted to sell to the city for an average price of $52.24 until 2011, a premium of 11%

ECP contracted to sell to private business for 45.46 until 2011, a discount of 2.4%.

The Maximum the city could save at the theoretical discount of 10% is $70,000

The city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2005 Electric Fund change in net asset shows a loss of $392,941

The city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2006 Electric Fund change in net asset shows a loss of $425,388

The city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2007 is yet to be published.

The city's 2008 budget for the electric fund shows a beginning negative balance of ($971,490) and ends with a negative balance of ($1,529,381) a predicted loss of

None of the losses cited include over $100,000 per year on interest payments, $100,000 transferred from the General Fund to the Electric fund, 1.4 million deposit for Southern Montana Electric, approximately 3.5 million invested in the Highwood Generating Station, something that may or may not be built.

The city's fiscal services department engaged in deception when setting a public hearing for resolution 9648 June 5, 2007 establishing ECP utility rates by quoting a residential rate for electricity when the city does not pay a residential rate. Furthermore, during the comment period someone pointed out to the commission that the rate quoted was incorrect and the commission said and did nothing.

I will stop here. I have volumes of information that I am more than happy to share with anyone.

Ed Mcknight Quality Leadership in City Government

Again, I will post the extended answers of any candidate that emails them to me.


Anonymous said...

This election is only about the Highwood coal plant?

Hardly. Both radical sides of this issue are fiddling while Rome burns.

Anonymous said...

Quite obviously another one issue candidate.


Anonymous said...

He;s no mathematician, either.

Anonymous said...

Thats what I want, non-opinionated information. Drawing the criticism of insider hacks only shows you are the one they are afraid of and a real threat to the powers that own the current commission. Go get em Ed, those cronies convinced me you are the one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:53

You envisage an alluring acumen, Identify the target of these ineffectual sycophants as the greatest threat. I know none of the contenders and a sound bite is hardly a rational basis for conclusion. The desperation of the status system is an enlightening tell tale.

Janna Miller said...

He forgot to mention that SME's coal plant contribute 92% of the Mercury in Montanas air. That's beside the point though. Good Coverage!

Anonymous said...

No mathematician? Then I guess
he joins the ranks of city hall
and staff.......? Open government 'trumps' a math mistake..then we can see the 'mistake'

Anonymous said...

Why not just answer the Tribunes question with a direct answer?

geeguy, will there be a time limit at your debate for the candidates to respond?

Hutch said...

I'd rather they spent the same money on a wind power farm, but that's not what really bothers me. It's the veil of conspiracy surrounding the whole thing that disturbs me.

Anonymous said...

...and then people wonder why GE passed us over like an F16...

Anonymous said...

Dignified manor? Nice.

That choice of words just about sums up what Great Falls has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Ed is right: Many people do not understand the magnitude of the financial distaster taxpayers are in for.

At least he is willing to address the camel in the tent of the wind storm.