Getting Things Done

I just finished "Getting Things Done" by David Allen.

I am planning to implement his principles in my practice. Do any of you use his tips? I am curious about utilizing this on a regular basis.

I got started down this road due to a tip from Treasure State Judaism about this post and website.

It all makes perfect sense, but doing it regularly is another matter.



Steve said...

Hey, crisis management is still better than no management, right?

Anonymous said...

Ever harder to get things started, much less finishing them.

Anonymous said...

Email is not that important to me. I keep up by simply deleting as I go and never reading fw: fw:'s. I have a great junk mail protection program and don't allow myself to sign up for emal lists.

As for getting things done, the Covey Courses closely resemble what I have used since a pre-teen. I'm big into goal setting and accounting to myself through journaling & calendaring. When I get off course I always find that getting back to my basics puts me back in line again.

That said, I am not an attorney with a blog. So my needs are probably rather simple in nature compared to your life.

Will be interested to see how Mr. Allen's program works for you.

Mark M said...

I use of combination of GTD methods. Many for me are my own tweaks to methods others already thought of.

Just don't get too sucked in, sometimes there in nothing better than good ol' fashioned pen and paper.

ReAnn said...

Happy Monday!
Part of my comment to a GreaterFalls post was: "I just started using Google Reader & so far like it, but did not know the diff between an atom & an rss.
I guess I am on a Google kick lately, because I downloaded Google notebook to save my favorite blog bits & pieces with folders like ‘business’, ‘organizational ideas’ ‘recipes’ and ‘personal’. Then from the ‘Getting Things Done’ blogs I found out about igoogle & Google calendar. So felt I just had to have those tools also.
I hope that the other Great Falls bloggers will perhaps share their secrets?!?!?!?! (hint, hint)"
I really like my Google calendar as I can allow certain clients access to it - they can see when I am busy or not with out seeing details - then they can leave me a message & say something along the lines: "I see you are open next Wednesday afternoon from 3-5, may we meet?" For a small bootstrapped business that works really well. In Igoogle I downloaded activity tracker. It is a punch clock & time management tool. Think of all the to-do list programs I have researched & looked at, toododle will be the one I ultimately choose because it will work with Google calendar. I like the online apps because I can access them from every where - even my fav chair at Cool Beans! I am already pretty much a zero inbox gal - except for those personal friends who send the Fw:Fw's. Guess I am stuck cuz that seems how we keep in touch. (shrug)
I have found some grand blogs on the GTD processes if you wish that info. I am sure that Treasurestate has some good info to share too.
Perhaps we should start a Great Falls real time GTD coffee club & get together now & then to share in real life what works & how it does?
Looking forward to hearing more thoughts,
P.S. Also I am finding that I am SO over Outlook & Hotmail. Thinking that gmail sounds much better for GTD according to all that I have read.

GeeGuy said...

I am presently using Evernote, and plan to adapt that to Getting Things Done. Anyone else use it?