I have never been a PETA fan. I like animals--as pets, friends, family. But also as food. I have often thought PETA tactics were foolish. Condescension, pontification and fear/hate-mongering rarely work for anyone. But they seem to be learning. This is pretty effective.


tmm said...

"the amazing cows I met at a sanctuary"

I'm not sure what kind of cows those were, but all I've ever met conjure adjectives far removed from "amazing".

free thought said...

Oh, were there words and stuff with the add? I only paid attention to the video.

Anonymous said...

Peta has been doing this "I would rather be naked than wear fur" campaign for over half a decade. I saw the PETA nude in Portland (she paraded around a street corner for hours until a Portland Police officer issued her a ticket for indecent exposure).

Yawn. I grew up raising animals for food. I tried the vegi thing for about six months (yes, it was for a girl... What can I say...) and it almost killed me (no exageration - it was the only time a doctor has ever ordered me to eat a steak). Never again.


MTSentinel said...

Hmm... using Silverstone as a slab of meat to sell vegitarianism. Interesting approach.

What was the last movie she made?

Anonymous said...

I wonder, why not wool? Does she wear silk?

I get so confused by these people - embrace nature and indigenous people of the farthest nethers.... but go naked and vegan.

How does that help those in third world countries?

Does she export recycled plastic and polyester clothing to help the poor... Or does she hate "big oil" too?

What? We all supposed to eat grass and go naked?....

{{{{ shutter & chills }}}}}