Things on my Mind

Life must be pretty good. I really do not need to rant too often these days.

My biggest concern right now (aside from the daily caring for the family and making a living) is getting rid of the first bug of the year with the kids back in school.

I do not pay much attention to the news, because I have trouble mustering the energy to care. Especially regarding the 2008 presidential election. I have become a statistic. One of the many who get more news from The Daily Show and Colbert Report than CNN or Fox.

Posting has been on my mind, but not enough to motivate me. In fact my last post from a week ago is still sitting in the "draft" part of ECW.

After a summer of smoke, I remembered how insignificant man is in controlling his environment. But at the same time, it reminded me that I cannot tolerate smog. Enough to make me think most global warming cures are bogus, but at the same time not want a coal plant that adds to the myriad problems.

Smokers are filthy creatures. Perhaps the topic of a later rant. I may even start taking photos of the ones who toss their butts around.

I would not want to be a politician. But there must be some strong attraction, because so many politicians say and do whatever is necessary to stay in office, regardless of their real views or feelings. I do not get it.

I am truly lucky. I have a great family, great job, and a nice home. And that is ok. I do not need to rise from poverty, be from the 'hood, or have an Ivy League education to understand the world around me.


david said...

Whoa there, Free Thought -- you calling me "filthy?" Hey, at least I try always to be a *considerate* smoker -- and I never throw my butts outside!

And I hear ya about the back-to-school-bug -- my teen woke up this morning with the requisite sore throat, etc. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on smokers -

Been a while since I went to the VFW. Love my smoker friends there but it is hard to get past the smell and as I get older it is harder to take it in the lungs. Forgot how stinky smokers can be.

Hope ya'all get well soon.

free thought said...

Ok, despite having a filthy habit, not all smokers are filthy people. But a seemingly large number of them litter. And I suspect that even those with pure hearts have black lungs.

Anonymous said...

Freethought noted ...must be some strong attraction, because so many politicians say and do whatever is necessary to stay in office

Maybe that's why George Washington only opted for the 4 year stint...and maybe why the Founding Fathers settled on two four year terms for president.

Something to be said for term limits.

Glad you were motivated to post your thoughts.

Joel said...

Wow, so much is wrong with that post, I had to say something.

First of all, George Washington served two four-year term. And second, the founding fathers didn't settle on two four-year terms. The constitution did not restrict presidential terms, which is why FDR had four of them! It wasn't until the 22nd amendment was ratified in 1951 that presidents were limited to two terms.