This is Why

This is why global warming hypocrisy matters to me.


David said...

I still don't get it. Why is hypocrisy an issue? Somebody who says it's wrong to drink and drive, then gets caught drinking and driving, may not be a good role model but is still giving good advice.

Anonymous said...

Geeguy, a while back you were challenged by Wulfgar or someone on the global warming studies.

This link indicates that a lot of the global warming claims may be like a house of cards about to fall....


Anonymous said...


Algore didn't get caught before he started spewing forth his "drinking and driving" public service announcements. He volunteered to pontificate without putting his own house, plane, vehicle, in order.

Furthermore, he has been caught and has not been to rehab enough times for anyone to know if he has come to his senses.

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